Lay Flat Pouches

Keep your products looking sleek and fresh with lay flat pouches of all sizes!

Great for:

Energy Bars
Chocolate Bars
Beans, Lentils

Product Highlight:

Freshness Guaranteed:

High Vapor barriers block moisture, oxygen and smells from entering or exiting the package.

Additional Features:

Hang hole options
Closure and zipper options
Transparent or clouded windows
Tear notches
Spot embellishment
Endless size possibilities

Structure and Finishing Options:

Clear PET
Matte PET
Soft-touch Matte
Metalized PET and foil
High-barrier and multi-layer sealant films
Specialty laminate films
Recyclable films
Freezer-safe & Microwaveable options available
Film Winding Options
And moreā€¦